Frequently Asked Questions

Your hair needs to be about 5mm long in order to be removed thoroughly. If your hair is too short the wax cannot grip it.
A skin cell has approximately a 28 day life cycle, dependent on age, until it dies and becomes a dry, dead skin cell on the top most layer of your skin. Therefore, you need to come once every 4-6 weeks for a facial, to thoroughly remove dead skin cells and keep new living cells well nourished and moisturised.
A facial can rejuvenate your skin, help correct skin problems such as acne, and even start to take years off your appearance. However, you should be aware of possible side effects. Your skin may appear blotchy, slightly red or pink immediately after a facial. The stimulation and removal the top layer of your skin through thorough exfoliation may result in your skin may breaking out immediately after a facial. This helps to release impurities that were trapped beneath the skin surface. However, the breakouts should clear after a short period, and future facials should result in fewer or no breakouts afterwards. If you have had quite a few blackheads or milia extracted, you can expect slight swelling and, in some cases, even slight skin peeling or flaking afterwards. This should clear within 2-3 days of your facial.
If you are prone to getting ingrown hairs, it is advisable to exfoliate waxed areas at least three times a week, and moisturise these areas daily. This keeps the dead skin cell collection on the skin's surface and around the hair follicles, at bay, and nice and soft, so that the new hairs can easily pop through.
A true reaction will occur within 24-48 hours after your facial. You could experience one or more of the following symptoms: redness, swelling, itching or hive-like breakouts. The face, lips, eyes, ears, and neck are the most common sites for cosmetic allergies, although reactions may appear anywhere on the body.
We accept payment in full by cash, as well as credit and debit cards.
Clients who are concerned about scarring, sun damage and/or wrinkles, need to use RégimA products for a minimum of two weeks, before having a Peel & Heal treatment. You are initially treated with a 30% concentration of Alpha Hydoxy Acid (fruit acid). Several treatments, at intervals of 2 weeks for progressively longer periods with this product, are necessary until you can tolerate a treatment lasting 60 minutes. The therapist can then increase the strength of the product used up to 50% if further treatments are required. On certain areas, the therapist may use stronger concentrations of Peel & Heal for a short duration, towards the end of the treatment. Noticeable improvements are made to your skin after each Peel & Heal treatment. RégimA Acne Attack may be used on clients who currently have acne.
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